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Fundamentals of Decommissioning the Oil and Gas Infrastructure

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Online Resources

DecomIntelligence is a powerful cloud-based repository with free and premium content available on decommissioning technology and capability, data analysis and business intelligence.

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Powerful Features

Technology Tracker

Searchable database of global decommissioning technology and capability


Web GIS with multiple layers of oil & gas and decommissioning data


Strategic Decom’s growing portfolio of high quality decommissioning training materials

Data Visualisation

Detailed analysis of big data sets including technology, infrastructure and production statistics.


A reading list of useful links from across the web


A single source to monitor latest global decommissioning news and developments

See what Premium’s powerful features can do for you

DecomIntelligence delivers subscribers high quality, value-adding business intelligence designed to provide unique insight into the world of oil and gas decommissioning.

With a Premium subscription, you’ll have access to unrivalled content, including a sophisticated technology database with full search and download capability, thought-leading white papers addressing key industry issues, a cloud-based GIS with 50+ North Sea data layers, and much more. Premium also comes with a full licence to download and use content in your own presentations, articles, reports, etc.

DecomIntelligence is a must-have knowledge resource serving the offshore decommissioning sector.

See Decommissioning Differently

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FeaturesFREEPremium £495 P.A.
Single User**
Custom Contact Us
Live industry news
Access to Strategic Decom’s E-Learning courses
Searchable library of links & documents
Industry Insight Reports & White Papers
Technology Tracker
Comprehensive technology database
(updated quarterly)
Custom search tools
Custom database reports
Licence to use data/reports in your own work
Thematic layers of North Sea e.g. wells
Point and feature metadata
50+ North Sea data layers
Select ‘favourites’, save and export views
Distance and area measure tools
Licence to use the generated map screenshots in your own work
Data Visualisation
UKCS Platforms and equity ownership
Technology Tracker data analysis
North Sea production data, platform details, etc.
UKCS platform statistics
Integrated In-House Data & Resources
As required
e.g. project data, portfolio data, technology management / tracking, equity details, project management, etc.

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